Ready to harness the power of play?

LEGO bricks let you model abstract concepts and visualize questions. Playing together builds trust and confidence among teams. The facilitator asks increasingly in-depth and complex questions, and participants use LEGO bricks to model and “workshop” their responses. It’s fun, and it’s powerful.  

What Does It Look Like?

You invite ViaBricks to host a workshop. We bring the bricks or send them to each team member in advance. The framework for the system is shared in a short presentation and then your team gets right to playing and sharing. A trained facilitator will guide your group through the exercises so that your team is engaged and confident as they explore important topics. The program is customizable, so you walk away with insights to your own actual challenges.

Corporate organizations build more effective teams and solve business challenges.

Teachers hone skills to help them manage students and their parents.

Students learn organizational development concepts and boost their professional skills.

Nonprofits learn how to leverage their decentralized leadership style to build better programs and solve funding challenges.

All from your conference room, ore even your couch, kitchen, or home office!

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It’s Time to Bring Work and Play Back Together

You were built to solve problems with your hands. You think differently when you play, and ViaBricks gives your team the tools to create powerful visualizations and model solutions together.

As we emerge from a global pandemic, this is even more important as we transition back to meeting side-by-side rather than staring at screens and communicating across great distances.

When you invite ViaBricks to work with your team, you model and solve real problems with identical LEGO®️ SERIOUS PLAY®️ sets. Participants find that they can communicate, even when they struggle to articulate their thoughts through words. And they do it by playing with LEGO®️ bricks and sharing their creations via each other.



Your teammate’s LEGO creations will come to life when they think with their hands, build the solution to a problem, and share them on the screen. Call us today to make it happen.